Nairobi youths no longer safe in CBD due to rogue cops

Young males are targeted, arrested without reason and taken around city to surrender cash

In Summary

• These cops don't acknowledge work or national IDs. 

• They take their victims to dark lanes and frisk them for cash not caring whether it was your fare home. 

The Nairobi central police station
HUNGRY COPS: The Nairobi central police station
Image: FILE

Police officers are harassing youth in Nairobi at night at an alarming rate, particularly at OTC.

Young males seem to be the target, being arrested without a reason and taken around the city late into the night until they surrender money. Those who try to resist are roughed up and threatened with worse.

Even when one presents job and national identity cards as proof that they are coming from work, the officers hear none of that as all they want is money. At some point, they will take the youths to a dark street and frisk them for cash which they take, not caring whether that was all you had to get home.

It is a shame that officers, who are supposed to protect the public, are the same ones the public is hiding from. This rogue group should be hunted down to face the law.