Blame games among leaders set back war on graft

Once mentioned in connection with corruption, some leaders claim to be targeted to block political ambitions

In Summary

• Most of those mentioned say fighters of corruption, interfering with the fight. 

• Cases are dragged in court while suspects roam freely. 


The war against corruption is hastened by our political leaders. Whenever a leader is mentioned in corruption-related cases, friends allied to the accused come out with a lot of energy blaming the anti-corruption bodies of being used politically to fight their friend.

This is completely unacceptable for our leaders and it is high time they behaved accordingly as they act as the motivators of corruption through the protection and mutual support they offer their fellow corrupt leaders.

I believe the reason behind the collapse of many graft cases, once taken to court, is the blame on the fighters of corruption, a matter that leads to interference of their work hence defeat upon presenting witnesses. Let accused people carry their crosses.