Revenue sharing stalemate now just a power struggle

Impasse is an obstacle to development in counties which affects whole country

In Summary

• When counties suffer, some roles will have to be taken back by the national government, beating the whole logic of devolution. 

• Both Houses have maintained their stance, showing that it is a supremacy battle. 

The procession that accompanied the governors outside the Supreme Court on July 15
UNLOCK IMPASSE: The procession that accompanied the governors outside the Supreme Court on July 15

The ongoing stalemate between senators and their National Assembly counterparts is a good show of how unprepared we are to support devolution.

The senators and MPs were all elected to perform among other functions, representation. While it is the expectation of the common citizen that both Houses would easily arrive at a consensus when it comes to increasing the counties’ allocation, the opposite is happening and it is not amusing. It has always been a war of which House is more powerful than the other.

This war, like any other war, is dangerous and acts as an obstacle in the development of counties and the entire nation at large. Something needs to be done to resolve the status quo. Because of the stalemate, counties’ staff have seen a delay in their salaries and one worker was even quoted suggesting that the national government is given the mandate to manage and pay the county workers. Won’t we be going back where we came from? Then what would even be the essence of having county governments?

The devolved units are suffering because of the stalemate when the leaders could agree on an amount and have counties running as usual. The MPs have deliberately maintained their hard stance just to show that they are more powerful than the other House. So county activities are suffering from lack of funding just so leaders can measure muscles? It’s the citizens that are suffering in this unnecessary war.

These leaders should find an amount and settle on it to allow the country to move on to other issues of importance like development and how to win the war against rampant corruption in all corners of the country.


BSc (Communication and Public Relations) - University of Kabianga