Smoke-free snus will suppress efforts to end tobacco use

Introduction of such products to prevent effects on non-smokers exposes smokers to bigger risks

In Summary

• If we want to reduce the effects of smoking, we should ban tobacco products or impose more taxes on them to make them less accessible. 

• Such polished products encourage the reign of cancer and cardiovacular diseases. 

A smoker
WAR ON DRUGS: A smoker
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Recently, British American Tobacco launched the smoke-free snus (moist-powdered tobacco) to replace cigarettes with the aim of reducing the effects of passive smoking and conserving our already polluted environment.

Such firms are after money, and not saving the lives of smokers. Such firms encourage cases of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Smokers will die from such polished products destroying health while the firms increase their wealth.

To reduce the effects of smoking, we should impose more taxes to make them less accessible.