Improve the local health sector to win war against cancer

No Kenyan should have to seek medical services outside the country

In Summary

• Apart from the three high-profile personalities who succumbed to cancer in a month, there are scores who died. 

• Government should put effort towards improving the health sector to manage the scourge. 

Banner indicating free cancer screening
STEP UP EFFORTS: Banner indicating free cancer screening

The government has vowed to step up inventions to contain the growing cases of cancer-related deaths.

In a month, three personalities have lost their lives, adding to scores of other Kenyans who have succumbed. Their stories are, however, not known. It is disappointing that Kenyan hospitals are not able to treat the deadly disease.

If the state is determined to put a stop to this menace, then it must ensure our hospitals are well equipped with the necessary apparatus and skilled medics because not all Kenyans can afford to get treatment abroad.