Kenya cannot feed her people because all focus is on politics

A nation that cannot feed her people has failed as a state

In Summary

• Kenyan farmers practise farming yet we still import millions of bags of maize. 

• Politics has become centre-stage and leaders have forgotten to improve the agricultural sector. 

Maize stocks at NCPB Eldoret depot
DEFICIT: Maize stocks at NCPB Eldoret depot

Kenya’s agricultural sector is dead buried in a deep grave. A nation that cannot feed its people is a failed state. When did Kenya cease from farming? Why are we buying maize from the neighbouring nations?

We share similar weather and almost share the same soil; people live as brothers and sisters but today we’re buying foodstuffs from neighbours. It would be so sad should our forefathers and mothers rise from their graves and see what is happening.

I can only guess that the full-time politicking has failed us and we’ve become a big laughing stock among our neighbours. Leaders should focus on feeding their electorate first before going to them for votes and support. Otherwise, there will be no voters for them to woe hence no votes.