MPs’ call for night allowances selfish, out to press Wanjiku

Most MPs have residences in Nairobi, some are seldom seen in Parliament

In Summary

• Legislators' efforts to get the money should be turned down as they earn millions in monthly salaries already. 

• Wanjiku can barely afford three meals a day and is still paying taxes to foot MPs' hefty allowances. 

Parliament proceedings
AT WANJIKU'S EXPENSE: Parliament proceedings
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MPs claim of night allowance is in bad taste and will haunt Wanjiku who is already slammed with huge taxes and a high cost of living.

The parliamentarians are plotting up to Sh96,000 night weekly allowances when most of them live in Nairobi. This is beside them receiving close to a million monthly salaries.

The selfish interest by MPs will continue burdening the ordinary mwananchi who hardly affords three meals a day. Such efforts must be turned down for leaders to work for voters. Some MPs are seldom seen in Parliament, so much that orderlies often harass them, mistaking them for strangers.

Before requesting for hidden allowances, the MPs ought to show us their contributions in Parliament. Let them show us their track record in terms of what they have done.