Ruto’s popularity in Western a clear threat to Mudavadi

The ANC leader should first unite his Luhya community before seeking support from other communities

In Summary

• Claims by Mudavadi that Ruto is undermining the President show that Mudavadi is threatened by the DP. 

• He should set a strong political base at his backyard before traversing the country in search of support. 

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi
UNITE MULEMBE HOUSE FIRST: ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi
Image: FILE

Claims by ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi that Deputy President William Ruto is undermining President Uhuru Kenyatta are baseless and an indication that he is becoming politically bankrupt.

Mudavadi should make himself busy by looking for ways of uniting the Luhya community instead of being bothered by what Ruto is doing. He should familiarise himself with what the law says about the activities of the deputy president other than misleading Kenyans.

Musalia should know that Ruto is the principal assistant to the President and it’s his constitutional right to tour any part of the country to inspect and launch development projects. This comes barely a month after Mudavadi claimed that Ruto’s political activities in Western Kenya are not a threat to his political ambitions.

The truth is that Mudavadi only enjoys popularity in Vihiga county while Ruto remains a national figure. In fact, Mudavadi who has failed to unite the Luhya community alone can’t compare himself with Ruto who united his Kalenjin community before seeking support from other communities. For Mudavadi to say that the deputy president’s political activities in Western Kenya are not a threat, and in fact, ‘he is welcome to build a home in Luhya land’ is just laughable.

It is unbelievable that Mudavadi is touring other parts of the country to solicit for support yet he has failed to bring together his Luhya community. He is one of those leaders who are waiting for endorsements from certain kingpins to survive politically. The ANC leader should come to terms with the fact that members of the Luhya community are increasingly warming up to DP Ruto.

He is sleeping while his competitors are engaging in development activities.