Crimes of passion are a desperate cry for help from youth

The youth should be approached personally to solve the increasing cases

In Summary

• People are killing their partners when they cannot handle hurt. 

• Marching with banners will not help depressed individuals. 

Crime scene
DEPRESSION: Crime scene
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Murders among young lovers have become a major topical issue both in dailies and broadcast media.

Most mutual relationships have gone sour stating mistrusts, failure of the partner to take responsibilities among other issues, claimed the lives of many young souls. In the developing story of a slain police officer attached to Parliament, Hellen Kwamboka, one of the suspected culprits of her brutal murder is claimed to be her former boyfriend.

Where did we go wrong as society? To my common understanding, nothing comes up from nowhere. For everything that happens, there is always a tiny source. Unless we establish the root of the matter to uproot it, we will just be pruning the act.

We have so many focus groups and movements in Kenya ranging from government-owned to non-governmental ones that need to dissect into the matter and come up with possible outcomes and recommendations before time elapses. Our people need proper mass education on how to develop self-control whenever they are emotionally harassed through launching initiatives throughout the country for awareness.

Moving in the streets with banners won’t guarantee you that you are educating the public on the need to safeguard human lives. All that is needed is approach individual affected groups, for instance, university students; talk to them one by one, touch the souls and you will definitely see great change.

The government should set up policies to curb the menace and prosecute the culprits. This is an issue that needs to be fought by everyone in the society regardless of age, educational status, gender or economic status. Once we join hands as one we will clear out these untimely killings among young lovers.


Egerton University