State should focus on new curriculum to ail our wanting system

Magoha's idea to introduce the Kenya School of Education will deter roll out of CBC

In Summary

• Law graduates from KSL not as prepared to face real life issues. 

• State should lay emphasis on CBC and see how it works. 

Education CS George Magoha at St Joseph's Busia Girls Primary School
ROLL OUT CURRICULUM: Education CS George Magoha at St Joseph's Busia Girls Primary School

Education stakeholders are now overthinking.

Creation of Kenya School of Education as opined by the Ministry of Education is a noble idea which will solve the education impasse in future, but not now. What is currently ailing our education system is far much different and needs a thorough shakeup.

When Cabinet Secretary George Magoha mooted the idea of KSE, his words were highly borrowed from the law fraternity who have the Kenya School of Law. It must, however, be noted that most of our lawyers are half baked and are short of the standardised legal prowess.


Most of the dawning reports from Kenya School of Government show that graduates churned out of the universities are ill-prepared to face the real world, this is due to wide variance and incongruence of the syllabus. If this is the path to be followed by our education counterparts, then we are headed for a murky future.

Let us lay emphasis on Competency-based Curriculum, let us measure its results and see if it can totally twist the ghost of attitude which currently engulfs our students. Coming up with other issues will only render the projects as white elephants. Speaking about ethics and managerial skills at an advanced level is a grave mistake. Every citizen should endeavour to instil ethical deeds at the infantry stage. With consistency, this will spring to greater levels.

A sense of responsibility and empowerment is very vital for the kids later in their lives. Children should be involved in decision making and be given skills to understand the tenets of service.

The Kenyan syllabus is wanting, its contents are narrowly oriented and framed ‘job seeking’ rather than the creation of opportunities. All energy should be channelled on CBC.