Report on referral hospitals reflects on poor governance

Inadequate supplies, in dilapidated state and shortage of staff at the country's highest level of hospitals

In Summary

• National Treasury allocates funds to them each financial year. 

• Overwhelming debts to drugs and supplies proviers. 

Kenyatta National Hospital
APPALING STATE: Kenyatta National Hospital
Image: FILE

Former President Daniel Moi said, “Siasa mbaya maisha mbaya(Bad politics, bad life).”

Basing a recent report by the parliamentary Health committee on referral hospitals in the country, a keen citizen would wonder why leaders even exist. A country which purports to have obtained self-rule five decades ago is drowning its people in health injustices.

Citing shortage of nurses, dilapidated wards, overwhelming debts, overcrowded wards and inadequacy of equipment should not be an issue. Each year, the Treasury allocates handsome funds to the health sector amid being devolved.

Such scary reports send clear information about bad governance which we should recall both governments and elect optimistic leaders, not occupants.