Illicit brew? Or an opportunity to improve local sector?

Chang'aa brewers have made it an opportunity to make a living in the current unemployment situation

In Summary

• Most of the people arrested are women. 

• These brews could be tapped to make it a legal business and reduce imported alcohol. 

Administration police officers pour illicit brew
MANUFACTURING: Administration police officers pour illicit brew
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Kericho county made more than Sh1 million from fines of illicit brew in one month.

This is happening in nearly all counties and the sufferers are women and children. These women are found in the rural areas and it is high time counties looked for an alternative business to lessen their suffering and also their children’s.

Chang’aa is a brew made in Kenya, when will it be tapped and sold legally so Kenya can stop buying liquor from abroad?

We have our own mnazi, kangara and busaa. Let these brews be manufactured legally so people can buy them in supermarkets instead of harassing those who engage in it. Manufacturing promises to increase the creation of jobs through the expansion of the manufacturing sector which will be producing better goods.