Men must stop feeling entitled, rejection is normal

Being rejected has lead men to committing crimes against women

In Summary

• Murder is not justifiable for any reason.

•The frequent murders indicate societal rot .

Crime scene
FEMICIDE: Crime scene
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There is a subtle art of dealing with rejection which according to me is a skill that one masters as they progress in life.

I have seen people struggle with the idea of rejection which has led them to commit unthinkable acts in the spur of the moment. The recent killing of a Moi University medical student sparked a conversation that should seriously be had between Kenyan men and women.

There will never be any justifiable reason why a senseless murder occurs- man or woman, their lives matter. These keyboard warriors who jump at the chance to pinpoint the ‘mistakes’ that led to the death of medical student Ivy Wangechi are the epitome of societal rot. Social media users are blaming the victim for being a woman whom the murderer chose to fall in love with.

There is not much difference between the person justifying the murder and the perpetrator of the murder himself. Some men have become so entitled that they can’t handle rejection.

Another conversation in Classic 105’s breakfast shoe with Maina and Mwalimu King’ang’i revealed how even women are quick to defend Ivy’s stalker identified as Naftali Kinuthia, saying Ivy should not have accepted anything from him if she was not ready to ‘pay for it’.

The purpose of women is not to soothe a weak man’s ego. Women are empowered now and it is not our fault that some men refuse to get their heads out of the place where the sun doesn’t shine. Femicide has to stop!

The same women whose lives men are so quick to dismiss are still someone’s daughter, mother, sister and friend. So the next time you think of justifying senseless murders, maybe take a moment to think about what position that places your mother, sister, daughter and friend.

Not so great now is it?