Counsel youths on romantic relations to save their lives

Teach them patience to avoid harm to others through hasty decisions made by broken hearts

In Summary

• The young generation does not have guidance on issues of love and relationships 

• There is a bigger problem behind the suicides, murders that can be found with counselling 

Moi University students demonstrate at the campus yesterday
STALKED, SLAUGHTERED: Moi University students demonstrate at the campus yesterday

The story of slain student Ivy Wangechi has touched the hearts of many as it left many questions unanswered. The big question being the competence of our security system as far as students’ security is concerned.

It sounds illogical for someone to be hacked in broad daylight by her lover when there is a security system. My main concern is about this issue of sex and relationships in campuses. The increase in student murders and romance-related suicides is quite alarming. Something doesn’t emerge from nowhere unless we try to establish the tiny beginning of the problem.

For instance in Ivy’s incident, it’s not common practice for someone to just drive up to someone and hack them. The issues must have been very weighty and without access to advise and/or counselling, one is bound to do something stupid. This is, however, not a justification of the murder.

Most youth’s minds are still growing, and the tendency to make hasty decisions is quite evident. They seem not to care for short and long-term effects. We should not be quick to judge or demonise anyone but instead, concentrate on the underlying issues to derive the best solutions before yapping on social media platforms. Let’s stop beating around the bush. In most cases, the blame goes to the girl child. Sometimes we just need to make the equations right, by looking at both sides of the story.

This solely goes to counselling institutions to up their games by modelling our youths psychologically on how to control emotional issues. They need to educate the young generation on the effects of psychological torture and the best ways to overcome them without becoming stupid. Unless we become our brothers’ keepers, we stand to lose more youths.