Vaccinate health staff and essential workers

In Summary

• Enough doses to vaccinate 20 percent of Kenyans against Covid will arrive in 2021

• Around 48 nurses, doctors and clinical officers have died of Covid-19 since the start of the year

A medic holds a bottle labelled Vaccine Covid-19.
A medic holds a bottle labelled Vaccine Covid-19.

The tragic death of Dr Stephen Mogusu on Monday has highlighted the huge risks carried by healthcare workers during the epidemic.

Thirteen doctors have now died of coronavirus during the pandemic as well as 26 nurses and nine clinical officers. Meanwhile, the pandemic has killed 1,531 Kenyans.

These statistics stand as a rebuke to those who claim that Covid-19 is just a 'normal' flu.


More importantly, they demonstrate that health workers should be first in line for the Covid vaccines when they finally arrive in Kenya.

The Health ministry is now working on a list to determine who will get the vaccine first with indications that the queue might stretch into 2022.

The National Covid-19 Vaccine Taskforce says it will probably first vaccinate healthcare workers and other hospital employees, and then old people.

That is the right way forward. Enough doses are expected in 2021 to vaccinate around 20 percent of the population. That should be enough to slow down the spread of the virus but it is also important to keep society running smoothly s0 essential workers like teachers, matatu drivers and waiters should also be prioritised.

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