Perhaps KDF should be deployed in Garissa

In Summary

• Non-local teachers want to be transferred but the TSC wants them to go to 'safer' areas of Garissa.

• Kuppet wants teachers to stay but to be given firearms and trained in self-defence.

Garissa town.
KDF NEEDED: Garissa town.
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Hundreds of non-local teachers in Garissa have gone to the Teachers Service Commission offices demanding transfers (see P27). Three teachers were killed by al Shabaab last week.

The TSC wants the non-local teachers to be transferred to 'safer' subcounties in Garissa but the teachers want to leave completely. Al Shabaab is targeting schools and there have been multiple attacks across the Northeast recently.

Knut wants the teachers transferred but Kuppet wants its members to remain but to be trained on how to use firearms. This is not a solution. Teachers cannot concentrate on teaching pupils while anticipating a gun battle.

Either the government provides full security or the non-local teachers should be allowed to leave.

Teachers near Boni Forest in Lamu have been housed in armed camps. That is a partial solution but not perfect. The local population, including school pupils, also deserve to be protected.

Perhaps it is time for the government to declare a state of emergency and deploy the KDF in Northeastern Kenya. It might be better for security if the army was fighting al Shabaab in Kenya rather than in Somalia. 

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