No favours for 30,000 Kenyans at risk in US

US President-elect Donald Trump. /FILE
US President-elect Donald Trump. /FILE

Thirty thousand Kenyans are at risk of

deportation from the United States after

President-elect Donald Trump enters

office on January 20, 2017. 

They are illegal

immigrants and President-elect Trump

pledged to rid the US of all unregistered

foreigners on Sunday.

What is to be done? Government

Spokesman Eric Kiraithe remarked yesterday

that the state does not take anyone

anywhere on an illegal basis, signalling that

the Jubilee administration has washed its

hands of the 30,000.

Those who have committed crimes among

these Kenyans should not expect a warm

welcome back, but the rest of them deserve

a second chance and the skills and expertise

they have acquired in their years in the US

could come in useful.

Kenyan Diaspora remittances from the US

are our largest source of foreign exchange.


is regrettable that so many Kenyans should

be expelled from America in one fell swoop.

But they should expect no preferential