Fissures in the opposition

Cracks in Azimio as MPs accuse Raila of dishonesty

They accused the opposition of leadership exclusion

In Summary
  • The MP affirmed that, going forward, they will speak in one voice.
  • They accused Raila's coalition of political dishonesty.
A section of the Luhya community leaders at a press conference in Parliament on November.22nd.2022/EZEKIEL AMING'A
A section of the Luhya community leaders at a press conference in Parliament on November.22nd.2022/EZEKIEL AMING'A


Some MPs from Western Kenya allied to Azimio La Umoja one Kenya have opened a fresh political war with opposition chief Raila Odinga.

The MPs drawn from various parties in the opposition coalition slammed Raila over "political dishonesty and exclusion of the Luyha community".


The lawmakers said on Tuesday that Raila betrayed the community by excluding its leaders from both the minority leadership in both the Senate and the National Assembly.

"The Azimio coalition has not accommodated the Luyha community in the House leadership of both the Senate and the National Assembly," they said in a statement read by Caleb Khamisi(Saboti).

Addressing the press in Parliament, the MPs claimed that Raila's coalition has marginalised the Luyha nation by denying the community leadership slots including at the EALA.

They did not spare President William Ruto's Kenya Kwanza alliance either.

"The Luyha community was shortchanged in the East African Legislative Assembly elections by both the Kenya Kwanza and the Azimio coalitions," they said.

"Out of the nine positions, it is only  the Luyha community that doesn't have a single position in the EALA."

Going forward, the leaders said they will work together to push for the interests of the Mulembe nation without minding about political affiliations.

'The community's elected leaders shall, from today, speak in one voice, irrespective of party affiliations," said Khamisi.

On the nominations to the Parliamentary Service Commission, the MPs lamented that Azimio excluded the name of Sirisia MP John Walukhe.

"We are aware that he(Walukhe) had received a letter that nominated him from the Jubilee party," said Khamisi.

They also claimed that the jailing of Walukhe was a "politically instigated incarceration", aimed at demeaning the community of Mulembe nation.

Waluke was released on a Sh10 million cash bail awaiting the hearing and determinations of his appeal against a maize corruption case conviction.

The MPs present included Nairobi senator Edwin Sifuna and Walukhe, among others.


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