Senior Health official who resisted transfer finally getting the boot

Officer had bragged he was untouchable and all opposed to him will be crushed,

In Summary
  • A senior official at the Ministry of Health who has for a long time resisted efforts to be transferred is finally likely to be kicked out.
  • ODM politician embarrassed after bid to plot Ruto heckling flopped in Bungoma.
Health CS Mutahi Kagwe during the daily Covid-19 briefing at Afya House on Tuesday, May 5.
CLEANING HOUSE: Health CS Mutahi Kagwe during the daily Covid-19 briefing at Afya House on Tuesday, May 5.

A senior official at the Health ministry who for a long time resisted a transfer could soon have only himself to blame. Spirited efforts by Health CS Mutahi Kagwe (pictured) to rid the place of cartels could claim his position. It has emerged the man's stranglehold on his post faces an uncertain future amid impending radical changes at the ministry. The man had been bragging that he was untouchable and that his godfather would crush anybody who attempted to undermine him. With the chickens soon coming home to roost, the official has nowhere to hide. A recent internal probe linked him to a scandal that has roiled the health sector. The end is nigh.

A furious national government administration officer has reportedly ordered a private developer putting up a posh private residence next to his swanky home in Karen to stop construction. The official, it is said, last week gave the neighbour a tongue-lashing after writing a lengthy letter to the residents' association opposing the work. After realising the developer was determined to proceed with construction despite his protests, the official is said to be using a state agency to frustrate the developer. There are reports his objection is that the building has an additional floor that will block his view and deny him his privacy.

An elaborate scheme by a politician from Western Kenya allied to ODM to ferry goons from neighbouring Kakamega county to heckle DP William Ruto during a rally in Bungoma failed miserably. It has emerged the politician hired four school buses to transport hecklers disguised as Ruto's supporters to cause havoc on Sunday. However, the plan flopped at the last minute after top security officials from the region reportedly intervened and nipped it in the bud. The school principals who had hired out the buses were instructed by the security bosses not to release them over security fears.

A section of MCAs from a county in Rift Valley are busy concocting an impeachment motion against a county executive committee member over fake issues with the aim of extortion. A little bird whispers to Corridors of
Power the MCAs had proposed nothing less than Sh10 million before withdrawing the impeachment motion said to be ready for tabling. As things pan out, another group of MCAs opposed to the impeachment bid has vowed to name and shame the clique christened the 'Sanitisers'. The MCAs recently held a strategy meeting at a popular club in a town in the county where the figure being fronted was deliberated upon and agreed on. This is the second time the MCAs are crafting a censure motion against the CEC.