Apologetic cops in trouble for taking governor's gifts

Officers say they were under duress and begged for help from the county chief.

In Summary

• The offices went back to the same governor complaining about their bosses' orders.

• Fifteen MCAs in a Western county personally received brown envelopes from the governor, each containing Sh100,000 for 'work well done' in passing a flawed budget.

Police headquarters at Vigilance House, Nairobi.
VIGILIANCE HOUSE: Police headquarters at Vigilance House, Nairobi.

Are some junior police officers being used to fight perceived enemies of the state? Well, some police officers who recently stormed a governor’s offices went back to the same governor complaining about their bosses’ orders. The officers apologised for their actions, saying they were under duress and even went further to beg for help from the county chief. The governor, with a sense of compassion, bought the cops food, blankets and other items. However, a little bird has whispered to Corridors that the officers were later summoned by their superiors and asked to record statements.

A political hanger-on from Rift Valley has taken his game of frolicking and hobnobbing with the high and mighty a notch higher. The man who has a taste for dating female politicians and squeezing a dime out of them has been forcing his way into high-profile political gatherings for photo ops, images which he splashes on social media. Corridors understands the man has been gate-crashing women’s functions, outraging those in attendance. Women leaders say it’s only a matter of time before the smooth operator ditches his current catch. They are wondering when the chap attends to his duties as a clerk in a ministry.


A former MCA from a county in Nyanza is broke – literally. So broke is the man that he has been pleading with some ward representatives to give him a job – any job. Recently, he camped outside his successor’s office seeking to be given at least some handout – Sh500 -  just to enable him to manage for the day. The ex-ODM MCA was a powerful man during his day. He served the assembly in an influential position besides sitting on ‘lucrative’ committees in the assembly. In his heyday, he was considered the link between the governor and the assembly. Just how did he fall that fast?

Visitors who had gone to a popular Western governor’s home last weekend are still in shock. Why? Some 15 MCAs arrived at the homestead of the county boss and immediately demanded a private audience with the man who was in the middle of another meeting. The MCAs who were in a hurry quickly emerged from the private meeting, each with a sealed envelope for what the governor said was for “work well done”. Sources intimated to Corridors that the MCAs received Sh100,000 each for having passed the county budget, despite the flaws in the spending plan.