Ex-parastatal CEO eyes gubernatorial seat, seeks Ruto's blessings

There are indications he could be headed to a critical cosmopolitan county.

In Summary
  • An ex-CEO from Rift Valley is laying the ground for a gubernatorial bid.
  • A governor from Western Kenya who has been feigning health problems has hibernated again.
Deputy President William Ruto.
BLESSINGS SOUGHT: Deputy President William Ruto.
Image: FILE

A dismissed parastatal chief has set tongues wagging about his intentions. The ex-CEO, who was bundled out of office under a cloud of graft allegations, has been hosting delegations at his rural home. Then the virus hit. The well-connected and monied fellow could have decided to plunge into politics and is eyeing a gubernatorial seat. A small bird tells Corridors he recently indicated he could be planning to meet Deputy President William Ruto (pictured) to seek his blessings. There are indications he could be headed to a critical cosmopolitan county. During his tenure at the state agency, the official used to conduct well-attended fundraisers in the county before his fall from grace to grass.

An opposition governor is worried after suspension of the BBI rallies owing to the coronavirus. The county boss from Western is complaining the suspensions are doing him more harm than good: his popularity had surged as he attended the rallies. Initially, the governor had feigned health problems, ostensibly, according to his critics, to avoid facing allegations of financial irregularities. However, when the BBI rallies hit the road, the county boss emerged from his hideout, taking a lead role in both mobilisation and attendance. Currently, residents of his county are surprised their governor is nowhere to be found.

Has a former presidential candidate had his security withdrawn and a high-end vehicle issued to him allegedly by the state been recalled? The politician, whose party is facing internal turmoil, allegedly faced the wrath of the state after he appeared to oppose BBI... Until then, few knew 'his'  state-of-the-art vehicle belonged to the state. Corridors understands the party official had three bodyguards assigned to him before and after a past general election. A chase car was also assigned as his profile soared following his hand in unlocking matters that roiled a disputed presidential election.

As the coronavirus effects unfold, a governor from Western is probably relieved. His detractors are distracted. The county chief was under a lot of pressure from his staff and residents. Suppliers were on his neck over delayed payments, some staff complained of late salaries and there was even impeachment talk. But with the virus problems everywhere, it seems his enemies have other battles to fight, for now.