No money to bury child victims of 'Vampire Killer'

Children were kidnapped, defiled and strangled in Nairobi and elsewhere

In Summary

• Wanjala confessed to killing 13 children and took detectives, scene-of-crime and acoustics experts to murder scenes where he  described murders. 

• Four have been found  in Kabete Forest, three positively identified.


Masten Milimo Wanjala, the suspect behind serial killings of at least 12 children.
VAMPIRE KILLINGS: Masten Milimo Wanjala, the suspect behind serial killings of at least 12 children.

The Families of e children who were kidnapped and allegedly murdered by self-confessed 'vampire' killer Masten Wanjala can't afford to bury their children.

Wanjala, 25, confessed he killed 12 boys, including former playmates. He kidnapped them, drugged them unconscious and sucked blood from their veins. Police call him the 'Vampire Killer.

Two were strangled, others died of head injury and trauma. In one case, only a skeleton was recovered.

Four bodies have been recovered so far, three have been identified but not the skeleton.

Police expect him to take them to Machakos and Western Kenya to look for more bodies.

He documented all cases and kept a diary or scrapbook

The families say they are too poor to meet the burial expenses and are appealing to well-wishers to help bury their children.

Grace Adhiambo, unemployed single mother of five, lost her son five months ago. She told a radio station she has not only lost her son but her hope as well.

Adhiambo, who stays in Majengo, said her son Brian Omondi, was her main source of hope and a better future. 

"He would always tell me that when he was older, he would move our family to a better and bigger house," she said.

Adhiambo said since she has no source of income, she is relying on well-wishers.

"We have been trying to fundraise for the burial. We'll set the date when we have money," she said.

Tony Opindo, whose firstborn son was also murdered, is also looking for money to transport his body to their village in Kakamega.

"We have to send my son Charles Opindo body for burial in our village, according to our culture," he said.

They too have also been seeking funds.

Stephen Musyoki's family said they had spent all the money they had in searching for their son.

"The rest we used to clear school fees for his siblings before they could be allowed to sit for exams," his aunt said.

Wanjala said he lured his victims, promising to show them "something nice", He then abducted them and killed them before dumping the bodies.

Police on Monday visited three sites in Pumwani area where he says he dumped more bodies but no other recovery was made.

Wanjala said a number of victims had been his playmates. They played on the Young Elephants, a football club with about 80 boys  in Majengo area, Nairobi.

His Facebook page has several photographs of himself during happier days with young footballers and trainers. They included  Kinyago Football club where the Mutuku Musyoki, one of his victims, played.

Wanjala said he single-handedly killed his victims and had no accomplices..

Detectives established all the victims were stupefied using a white substance in powder and liquid form. The victims were either forced to drink it, or it was sprayed in their faces

(Edited by V. Graham)


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