Covid-19 brought about new conjugal normal

In Summary
  • When sex is strained, then there is no marriage
  • Sex oils marriages, it is the lubricant that drives the engine that is called marriagE
Lawyer Danstan Omari
Lawyer Danstan Omari
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Covid-19 has had the greatest impact on families, especially the institution of marriage.

The family set-up being the centre of development as provided for in the Constitution forms a key sector in the peace and stability of a nation.

Families are grounded on love, which flourishes when there is no tension. It flourishes when there is provision of resources that oil the family.

Within a family, there is the husband, wife and children.

But how did Covid-19 affect the family?

In many households, men are the breadwinners. The majority of men lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some men relocated to the villages because they could not afford to pay rent in urban areas.

This means that majority of the men could not fulfil their responsibilities. They were unable to take care of their wives and children.

Sadly, budgets increased and put a lot of strain on marriages.

Men found themselves at home most of the time because they had no jobs, bars were closed and popular European football matches had been suspended.

Wives found themselves dealing with a new normal — men who had become sexually demanding.

The men were just seated in the house, from morning to evening. They were there, jobless and sober, without any activity to keep them busy outdoors.

In some cases the jobless men became so demanding sexually, putting a lot of strain on their wives.

Without financial muscle, some families were forced into single rooms, sharing that space with children. 

The children's presence meant that couples could not get quality time for sex. The lack of the availability of time for sex put a serious strain on marriages.

Sex oils marriages, it is the lubricant that drives the engine that is called marriage.

When sex is strained, then there is no marriage. Women like flowers and gifts in order to enjoy conjugal rights. Without money, jobless men could not afford those gifts.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a surge in divorce cases. As a family lawyer, I can tell you that families broke up because of Covid-19.

The family lawyer spoke to the Star