Governor worried as MCAs want all executives suspended

EACC has also been invited to investigate abuse of office and disregard of the law in tendering for Covid supplies

In Summary

Audit lays bare incriminating instances of abuse of office and disregard of the law.

EACC offices at Integrity Centre.
EACC offices at Integrity Centre.
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A special audit by a county assembly in the Rift Valley on the use of Covid-19 funds has gotten the nerves of the executive on the edge. The audit lays bare incriminating instances of abuse of office and disregard of the law. A bird whispered to Corridors that the report will have far-reaching implications on the executive if adopted by the assembly. The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (headquarters pictured) is said to have been invited to conduct its own investigations and take action. The governor is said to be wondering how he will run the county if he suspends top officials as recommended in the report.

A governor of a county in Eastern ferried all his executive committee members to Nairobi to attend a Parliamentary committee meeting, albeit virtually. It is understood that the county chief and his team travelled all the way to the capital because they could not connect virtually from the remote county. The reason given was that they had no internet connectivity. The team booked a room at the Council of Governor's offices where they were given access to the internet but still, they kept fumbling with the gadgets to the dismay of the MPs who wanted some questions answered.

Still on Parliamentary committee meetings, a senator was put on the spot by colleagues for being too quiet when his governor appeared before the panel. The legislator is known to criticise the governor all the time, but only when the county boss is absent. Colleagues had expected him to raise several concerns with his governor after the county boss finally honoured summons to appear before the committee. Members took issue with the lawmaker for saying very little during the meeting. He would only open his mouth to say that the explanations were understood. Senators noted that in the absence of the governor, their colleague would be breathing fire and demanding that the county chief appears in person to respond to questions. The change of tune remains a puzzle. 

Why would the leadership of two political parties fight over a parastatal boss whom they both want to give the ticket to contest for a governor position in western Kenya? The man told a local FM station that he has not made up his mind about going for an elective position but the two parties are already telling locals that the senior civil servant is highly likely to take over the running of the county next year. It is understood that the man is extremely popular in his home area, which is a vote-rich region and the two parties are looking for an easy way to secure the seat.