Obado impeachment on course despite delays, says ODM

Party chairman John Mbadi says lawyers still drafting motion to have Migori governor removed from office

In Summary
  • MCAs last Thursday failed to table motion as was earlier directed by the party chairman.
  • Party wants governor impeached after he was charged with corruption offences and barred from accessing his office
ODM Party chairman John Mbadi with secretary general Edwin Sifuna and Party leader Raila Odinga
ODM Party chairman John Mbadi with secretary general Edwin Sifuna and Party leader Raila Odinga
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ODM move to have Migori Governor Okoth Obado impeached is on despite delays in tabling the motion, the party has said.

Party chairman John Mbadi and secretary general Edwin Sifuna told the Star that the bid to remove the governor from office remains on course and that it is just a matter of time before he is sent home.

On Thursday, the assembly which is perceived to be sympathetic to the governor failed to table the impeachment motion in defiance of Mbadi's directive that the motion be tabled this week.

Last Saturday during the meeting of over 600 party delegates from county at Maranatha Grounds in Migori town, Mbadi said the motion would be tabled this week.

“We have resolved unequivocally that Obado will have to leave office, and the impeachment motion will be tabled next week (this week),” Mbadi said.

On Thursday, North Kamagambo MCA Samuel Orima told Star that the issue of the governor’s impeachment did not feature on their agenda.

“We only discussed house business reports and statements from members. We are not sure of any impeachment,” Orima who sits in speaker's panel said.

But Mbadi and Sifuna said the impeachment is on and it is just a matter a time before the MCAs tabled the motion.

According to Mbadi, lawyers are still drafting the motion and it will be tabled once they are through.

“The lawyers are not ready but the motion will be tabled,” The Suba South MP told the Star on phone.

Sifuna said the impeachment is at the heart of the party and that it will be implemented in due course.

“That is something that is strategic for the party, so when everything is in place the motion will be tabled. We are not going to go with the table of outsiders or the media we are going to go with the timetable of the party. What I can guarantee you is that we are almost there, 99 per cent,” Sifuna said.

Obado was last month charged alongside his four children and seven others with graft in relation to Sh73.4 million county funds.

They were later released on bail after denying all the counts of graft at the Migori county government.


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