Ruto, anger destroys what has been built over time

Leaders must respect those in office.

In Summary
  • Anger destroys and leaders must not act out of anger.
  • People must learn to make rational decisions.
Former Roads cabinet minister Franklin Bett. Photo/File
Former Roads cabinet minister Franklin Bett. Photo/File

First, it important to note that leaders must be tolerant and exhibit a lot of respect and patience. Do not fight those in power.

It is human nature to show anger when threatened or when one feels his/her position is not being respected.

It is natural and human to get angry when you feel frustrated. However, for those in positions of leadership, one must exercise tolerance and patience at all times and guard against making decisions out of anger. The bible teaches us to be patient and not to act out of anger.

When you look at leaders across the world who have acted out of anger, the common denominator is that they have destroyed their countries.

This is because when leaders act out of anger, they tend to make bad judgment that end up costing their nations. Patience and respect for others is very important.

As a leader you must do to others that which you want done unto you.

Leaders must be greatly indebted to one another so that even in their actions, they tend to inspire confidence and hope among the citizenry.

If there is any great virtue I learnt from my former boss the late President Daniel arap Moi, then it was patience and respect.

During his time, Moi would listen to everyone and would be very patient because he had the ability to listen and take time.

It was from such listening that the former President made decisions that expanded the democratic space during his time.

The foundation of the democracy we are enjoying today was laid by the former President.

What I can tell my friend is that if you act in anger, then you know there is no tomorrow.

Anger is not good and does not give anyone a positive way forward, especially when faced with challenges such as the ones we are seeing in government.

Anger destroys what has been built over time. As leaders, we must be forthright and exhibit a lot of respect to those in authority because when you get to those high offices tomorrow, you would also want others to respect you.

The former Cabinet minister spoke to the Star.