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The Star

On 6 August 2019, we published a story in the Star with the headline, ‘Mum in court for undressing at the airport to access lover’.

The story reported that a lady named Dorcas Nduku had been charged in court with invading Kenya Aeronautical College and causing disturbance by shouting as she stripped.

The story also stated that the woman claimed that she had been married to the director of the college, Samson Aketch, for more than 13 years. She made this statement outside the courtroom.

It has since come to our attention that Ms Nduku and Aketch have never been married, they are not husband and wife.

We have also been reliably informed that the criminal case against  Nduku has been withdrawn.

We take this opportunity to apologise to Mr. Aketch for any harm or embarrassment caused by the story.

We assure him that the story was not published with malice or with any intention to soil his reputation."