DP Ruto not funding Punguza Mizigo — Aukot

He dismisses claim and other misconceptions linked to the bill such as ward mergers

In Summary

• Aukot says the bill is receiving the support of Kenyans through pay bill number. 

• He expresses confidence it will be passed by more than 40 counties. 

Thirdway Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot addresses journalists after a meeting with Busia county assembly members on September 11
NO LINK WHATSOEVER: Thirdway Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot addresses journalists after a meeting with Busia county assembly members on September 11

Thirdway Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot has dismissed claims the Punguza Mizigo Bill is linked to Deputy President William Ruto.

Speaking on Wednesday after tabling of the draft bill at the Busia county assembly, Aukot termed the notion as cheap propaganda, denying claims Ruto is financing the bill.

He added that Punguza Mizigo should instead be related to the 1.2 million Kenyans who proposed it, together with the MCAs who hold the key in determining its future. 


Leader of Minority Felix Omanyi tabled the draft bill that was seconded by Legal Affairs and Human Rights committee vice chairman Bernard Papa. 

Speaker Bernard Wamalwa committed the bill to the Legal Affairs committee to come up with a report that should be tabled before October 14. 

Aukot clarified the misconceptions on the bill among them merging of counties and wards, reiterating that the 1,450 wards will not be merged and that the counties will as well remain as they are, as proposed in the bill.

Punguza Mzigo is embedded in efficiency and service delivery to Kenyans through the ward development fund, to strengthen devolution and ensure that counties get their rightful share of resources, Aukot said.

If the bill is passed, each ward will get Sh100 million for development.

He stressed that the bill will not undermine women, but will ensure that the 50-50 gender balance is achieved where women will be elected for various positions the same way as men. 

“We have to introduce stringent measures to fight corruption like in China where you are paraded and shot dead when you steal public money and South Korea where they are hanged.”


Aukot noted that that the bill is being supported financially by Kenyans through the pay bill number 785500. 

Through the bill, Aukot said, approximately Sh3.78 trillion will be saved, an amount far much more than the country's budget.

Aukot exuded confidence the bill will be passed by more than 40 counties.

Speaker Wamalwa said the legal affairs committee will ensure that through public participation, views from residents will be considered.

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