Governors need to be more responsible - Wamatangi

Wamatangi asked governors to be responsible and accountable for the money allocated to counties.

In Summary

• Funds should be allocated according to the needs of the county.

Kiambu senator Kimani Wamatangi.
Kiambu senator Kimani Wamatangi.
Image: FILE

Kiambu senator Kimani Wamatangi has commended the president on his fight against corruption.

"The president is making me happy in the way he is fighting corruption. It doesn't matter if he knows you personally so as long as you are guilty you have to pay," he said.

Speaking on a  local station Monday morning, the senator said that all cases against corruption should be dealt with in court.

"As a country we have gone back a few steps due to corruption. Unless we all take part in the fight against corruption, our country will not develop," he said.

Wamatangi went on to ask the governors to be responsible and accountable for the money allocated to the counties.

"We shouldn't forget that the money is from the pockets of hard working Kenyans. Its wrong that people are not being accountable," the senator shared his sentiments.

When asked on equal allocation of funds to the counties, the senator said there is need of sense of responsibility by governors.

"If governors can be responsible and give the cost of all functions of the county, then money will be shared according to the needs of the county," the senator said.

Some counties receive funds lesser than the needs of the people.

As the senate will we have a sit down with president so we can tell him in details about the revenue allocation and an equal allocation of money.


"If we as the senate don't give money to the counties, its the tax payer who will suffer and if the county government cannot get resources to the people then the national government cannot get to the people," Wamatangi said.