You're in heaven but not so far, Angel — father

Slain student laid to rest; she was found in a pool of blood in her rental apartment

In Summary

•Ann Kanario and a Chuka university student were found dead in her apartment. The Chuka student was hanged.

•Police yet to establish motive behind murder. 

Slain KeMU student Ann Kanario was laid to rest on Wednesday at her family home at Kieiya village in Igembe Central, Meru county. 

Ann Kanario, a Kenya Methodist University Meru student, was murdered in her rental house near the institution. A male student hung from the rafters.

Those who spoke at her funeral said it was high time the country sought a solution to the rampant murders. 

They proposed guidance and counselling among the youths in churches and institutions.

Kanario’s sister Winfred Kinya described her sister as loving, jovial, a mentor, adviser and a pillar in the family.

Kinya, who wailed as she read her tribute, said it will be impossible to erase the memories of her sister, "the privilege of joy and pride that came with her and her association".

"The bond between us is extraordinary, we did so much together, and you were my adviser and mentor. I remember as little girls, people asked, if we were twins and we would reply in unison,” Kinya said.

Kanario’s father Isaac Kaura said, “You left us with broken hearts, not knowing what to do but we find comfort in your memory.

"Though you are in heaven, you aren’t very far. You touched many hearts as only an Angel would," Kaura said. 

The bodies of Chuka University's Obed Nyaga Njagi and that of Kanario were found on May 6 in Kanario's rental house outside the university's Meru campus.

Kanario, who was pursuing a degree in Business Administration, was found in a pool of blood. Obed was hanged from the rafters.

Though you are in heaven, you aren’t very far. You touched many hearts as only an Angel would
Kanario's father Isaac Kaura

“The cause of the death or the motive remain unknown, although it seems there was a struggle in the room," Meru police commander Patrick Lumumba had told reporters in his office.

Lumumba said it took his officers three hours to break down the door, which was locked from inside with a big padlock in the one-bedroom apartment.

Igembe Central MP Kubai Kiringo said love has not started today and men and women must learn to cope with each other despite disagreement.

“The person one marries is not the person you started dating. Some men and women marry one among 10-20 girlfriends or boyfriends you date. You don’t have to kill if someone says no to your advances. Take it easy, understand it is a no, appreciate, accept and move on," Kiringo said.

"Ladies, exercise caution because the world has changed. If you eat someone’s sweat, know you must pay. Say no to pizza, tell them you are satisfied. Parents should never ignore their children when they are in need, show them in a polite manner how you cannot afford what they want. We need a lot of mentoring so our children are disciplined."

Kemu vice chancellor Morris Okoth said of the murderer, "Let fire consume such characters,” Okoth told mourners.

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