Pakistan rice hurting our farmers, Waiguru vows to fight cartels

In Summary

• Governor Anne Waiguru says cartels should be blamed for importing Pakistan rice at the expense of local farmers.

• The importation she says has negatively affected the local prices for Mwea rice.

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru Commissions Mwea -Makima Water project at Ngurubani town.
Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru Commissions Mwea -Makima Water project at Ngurubani town.

Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru has vowed to fight cartels importing Pakistan rice.

Waiguru on Friday said the cartel led by some well-known traders is secretely importing Pakistan rice at the expense of local farmers.

She said the importation has for decades negatively affected Mwea Rice markets.

“Going forward I am going to do my best to safeguard the interests of local farmers,” she said.

Waiguru was speaking on Friday at Ngurubani town where she launched Mwea-Makima Water project.

“I also urge our farmers to take precaution not to elect leaders who protect such self-centered traders whose aim is to exploit others,” she said.

Waiguru said over 6,000 households in Mwea Sub County will benefit from clean water sourced from Nyamindi River.

She said the project is part of her administration’s resolve to ensure Kirinyaga residents are provided with clean safe water for consumption.

The county boss said the water will undergo a chlorination process in a 22,500 litre tank before it is released to the residents.

According to her, the supply line is served by a 200mm pipe that covers 31km within the county.

The supply will reach residents of Nyangati, Kimbimbi, Ngurubani and all the way to Wamumu ward.

“We have initiated several projects in the county through Mountain Cities Vision, which currently ranks Mwea region as green City,” Waiguru said.

The former Devolution, Youth and Gender Cabinet Secretary  said so far a 30,000 litre distribution tank at wanguru is complete.

She said two more tanks will be built in different area to boost supply.

She said amid efforts to create more employment opportunities for the youth,  a rice husk factory will be set up to convert rice husks to MDF boards.

The governor said the factory will maximise profits for rice farmers.

"We want to end the culture of handouts among our youth by initiating sustainable economic activities," She said.

“This region produces tomatoes in large scale and thus to add value to the products, my administration is committed to ensure a tomato cunning factory is set up at Sagana,” she added.

This she said will go a long way in enhancing markets for the crop.

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