DPP probes two VIP escort staffers who hit woman's car in Nairobi

The vehicle that hit the woman's car on Friday morning./COURTESY
The vehicle that hit the woman's car on Friday morning./COURTESY

The Director of Public Prosecutions is investigating a case in which two of their staffers hit a woman's car in Nairobi on Friday.

A Twitter user Waithera Gaitho posted she had been hit by 'important people' along the road on Friday morning.

"I've been hit by these 'very important' people while they were driving on the wrong side. Please help me find them," she said.

Gaitho's post quickly made 348 retweets and 161 likes drawing the attention of the national police service who asked the woman to report to the nearest police station.

"...whereas we have not established the identity of the individuals, Irresponsible conduct by officers on VIP security duties while on public roads has been brought to the attention of the Inspector General," NPS said.

Via Twitter, NPS said some of these officers have in the past been engaging in reckless behaviour and have been harassing other motorists in the name of allowing their VIPs quick passage.

"This unacceptable behaviour has not only caused anger and concern on the part of the motoring public but has also resulted in untold suffering and inconveniences," it added.

The police service directed all officers on VIP security duties to stop such behaviours forthwith.

"They must, therefore, follow the highway code and obey the traffic law just like other Motorists," it added.

But after a few minutes, the office of the DPP owned up saying the car KCM 485 belonged to one of their officials.

"The motor vehicle belongs to the ODPP_KE and the DPP has directed that immediate action is taken against the driver involved," Haji said.

Haji said the public shall be informed of the progress of the case.