Sankok apologises 'over unmarried mothers lack integrity' remarks

Nominated MP David Sankok during a past press conference. /FILE
Nominated MP David Sankok during a past press conference. /FILE

Nominated MP David Ole Sankok has apologised over last week's disparaging remarks against women who bear children out of wedlock.

The legislator received a backlash following

his comments that 'women without husbands but bear children with different men lack integrity'.

In a widely circulated video ostensibly from a press conference, Sankok said that such women, in seeking nominations in line with the proposed Gender Bill, have failed the integrity test spelled out in Chapter Six of the Constitution.

Speaking on a local TV he said that if he made a statement

that rattled anyone he should be forgiven.

"I want to apologise if I made statement that rattled anyone, especially single mothers who I respect very much," he said.

He, however, went ahead to state that his statement was intended to safeguard the nomination of people with disability.

The MP argues that the lot was not well represented, especially in the counties, in nominations which followed the 2017 general elections.

Sankok said

only 37 counties nominated persons living with disabilities.

"I foresaw that in 2022, the people with disability nomination will disappear. I sincerely apologise because I went a bit off mark," he added.