Raila Junior wants weed legalised

Njoroge Mbugua, the suspect who was arrested for growing bhang in Limuru. /COURTESY
Njoroge Mbugua, the suspect who was arrested for growing bhang in Limuru. /COURTESY

NASA leader Raila Odinga's son, Raila Junior wants the government to legalise bhang popularly known as weed.

Responding to a story by the Star, Junior on Wednesday said serious discussions on legalisation and control of marijuana need to be held.

“Serious discussion has to be held on the legalisation and control of cannabis sativa, and entrepreneurs like MR Mbugua in their business and religious conquests,” he tweeted.

“Legalise it.”

Junior was reacting to a story on a

middle-aged man from Mirithu Limuru who was arrested on Wednesday for growing


Njoroge Mbugua had planted marijuana in his farm for two years claiming that it was God who had ordered him to plant and sell to people.

Some people agreed with him, saying it was a lucrative business which would aid the country in getting more revenue.

"You're the new breed of leadership we're waiting for in Kenya. I compare you to Justin Truduer of Canada," tweeted Wakanda Stoner.

"We can actually use taxes from marijuana to pay these Chinese loans," he added.

Timon Tj said it is an avenue for tax collection which should be legalized, taxed and regulated for safety standards.

Jack Daniels on the other hand wants Junior to use his influence to push for its legalization while Leah Mwangi said it is a natural herb just like miraa (khat).

However, @Kenyan_watch said it is uncalled for.

"Wewe tumia polepole. Usituharibie watoto wetu," he tweeted.

(You can use it but don't spoil our kids)

Several people have in the past called for the legalisation of marijuana.

Among them are scientist Professor Simon Mwaura, economist David Ndii and researcher and political analyst Gwada Ogot

Mwaura made a petition in Parliament in August saying he had found a way to separate the plant's psychotropic elements therefore making it safe for consumption by all.

Ndii responding to a story done by local media on August 2 of the police intercepting 17kgs of bhang at the Suam border, a crossing between Kenya and Uganda said the plant should be legalized.

Last year, Ogot addressed the Senate on the legalization of cannabis and started up an online petition which currently has over 5000 signatures.

He only needs 7,500 signatures so that the petition can be tabled in Parliament for debate.

Marijuana plant and its products are prohibited by Kenyan law under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropics Substances (Control) Act, 1994.