Body of missing Mombasa boy,10, found stuffed in sack

The body of Francis Abubakar stuffed in a sack / BRIAN OTIENO
The body of Francis Abubakar stuffed in a sack / BRIAN OTIENO

The body of a 10-year-old boy who went missing

two days ago in Mombasa has been found dumped not far from his home.

The boy, Francis Abubakar may have been tortured and murdered before being stuffed in a sack.

The body appeared to have

had acid or hot water poured on it.

The incident shocked residents of Bakarani.

According to the boy’s stepfather, Rashid Adnan, Abubakar was last seen in the house at around 8.30pm on Monday.

“His mother left him in the sitting room watching TV as she went to sleep because she was tired. She, however, woke up at around 11 pm to find the TV still on but the boy was not in the sitting room,” said Adnan.

The mother, Mariam Kache, switched off the TV and went back to sleep assuming her son had gone to sleep in his room.

However, they were shocked to find out he wasn’t home early in the morning when they went to his room to wake him up to prepare for school.

Abubakar schooled at Bahari primary.

They reported the matter at Bamburi police station.

“When we were informed there is a body in a sack, I went to check it out. I saw the legs and feared the worst after I saw the shoes on the legs. I went inside to ask what shoes my boy wore that day.

“It was the same shoe that I saw on the feet of the body,” said Adnan.

Mombasa county police commander Johnston Ipara said they are still investigating the incident, insinuating there are still many unanswered questions.

“How did the child get out of the house at night?” posed Ipara in his office.

The body of Abubakar was moved to the Coast General Hospital for post-mortem.

Residents said it is uncommon for someone to kidnap a child, murder them elsewhere and then return the body to the house.

“It seems like it is a message. It seems like there is something we do not know,” said Ali Bakari, one of those who stumbled upon the body this morning.

Ipara said the motive of the killer is still unknown and that investigation are ongoing.