Kinyua moves Housing department from Kaimenyi to Transport ministry

PS Finance Joseph Kinyua giving his remarks photo file
PS Finance Joseph Kinyua giving his remarks photo file

Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua has moved the Department of Housing from the Ministry of Lands and Housing, to the Transport docket.

In a circular on Thursday, Kinyua said the transfer was arranged after the department became less active in the Lands ministry.

The department will now run institutions like the National Construction Authority (NCA), National Housing Corporation (NHC), and Kenya building research and Rent Restriction Tribunal.

The institutions spearhead housing policy; development, and management of affordable housing; and management of civil servants.

The institutions also register contractors and material suppliers building research services and also register civil building and electro-mechanical contractors.

Kinyua sent a letter to Lands CS Jacob Kaimenyi, and copied it to other CSs in February asking for the to be processed.

“The purpose of this letter is to notify you of this change and to facilitate the immediate transfer of the state department," it read in part.

Kaimenyi now has one Principal Secretary – Mariamu el Maawy – while Transport CS James Macharia will have his ministry expanded to six PSs.

They are John Mosonik (Roads), Nancy Karigithu (Maritime), Irungu Nyakera (Transport), Prof Mwangi Maringa (Public Works), and Aidah Njeri Munano (Housing and Development).

Several parastatals under Housing, including NHC, and NCA, will automatically move to the Transport ministry if the department is transferred.

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