Uber taxi burnt, driver injured by gang along Kirichwa road

An Uber Taxi that was burnt along Kirichwa road in Kilimani area. Photo/COURTESY
An Uber Taxi that was burnt along Kirichwa road in Kilimani area. Photo/COURTESY

An Uber Taxi was burnt and the driver injured after a suspected arsonist set the vehicle on fire along Kirichwa road in Kilimani area Nairobi.

"The driver was dropping off a customer when he got near Kirichwa and was attacked," Nairobi police commander Japheth Koome said.

Speaking to the Star on phone, Koome said the Uber taxi was blocked by a black vehicle along Muringa court on the same road.

"Four men walked out of the vehicle, took a jerrican

of petrol and poured it on the Uber taxi. After that, they set it on fire. The passenger had been dropped off," he said.

Koome said the taxi driver was beaten after he jumped out of the burning car but was able to escape unhurt before being taken to hospital.

"These are crooks who will be dealt with firmly. What is wrong with them? I believe we will get them because that is not the way to settle wars," he said.

He cautioned the public against destroying others' property.

"Whoever is prompting to destroy the property of the other will be dealt with firmly.You have to respect the property of the other. Everybody is working for a living," he added.

The incident comes after the government formed a team to formulate laws that will govern online taxi operations.

On February 4, cab drivers threatened to paralyse transport if the government does not drive the Uber taxi service out of Nairobi in .

The operators under the Kenya United Taxi Organisation denied

as alleged, saying they have been peacefully conducting a genuine business.

Two people were arrested for allegedly of an Uber taxi in Nairobi, amid the dispute.

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