10,000 litres smuggled milk seized in Turkana

Huge shipment smuggled from the UAE and was being sold to consumers in Turkana.

In Summary

• Dairy Board boss Kibogy warns traders and the public that anyone smuggling illegal dairy products will be punished. Calls smuggling rampant.

• Eight suspects arrested and arraigned. Dairy board boss says all smugglers, traders and others involved will be punished according to law.


Milk powder.
SMUGGLED: Milk powder.
Image: FILE

The Kenya Dairy Board has seized more than 10,000 litres of smuggled milk powder in Turkana and arrested eight suspects.

Dairy board managing director Margaret Kibogy said the contraband was being sold in Kakuma and Lodwar towns.

She said the huge consignment had been smuggled into the country from the United Arab Emirates and was being sold to consumers in Turkana.

She said the suspects were arraigned and charged with smuggling.

Following the crackdown on illegal milk products, Kibogy said smuggling was rampant.

Smuggled milk hurts the country's dairy industry. She said smugglers and traders would be punished by law.

The Dairy Board boss also urged players in the the dairy industry to continue observing government protocols to combat the spread of the coronavirus and to practice high levels of hygiene to ensure production of high-quality milk.

Dairy workers should be in good health and observe all protocols. Their overalls must be washed immediately after milking.

Kibogy said social distancing was important and workers who are unwell should promptly get treatment.

“Remember, a clean environment in your farm, a clean you and of course clean milk are a step in the right direction in fighting the coronavirus," she said.

She urged Kenyans to consume milk and milk products, saying they boost the immune system.

Last month, consumer organisations called on the KDB and other agencies to conduct high-level training and certification of milk vendors and marketing channels.

Organisations under the Consumer Voice of Kenya and the Voice for Change Initiative raised concerns about adulteration of milk using water, chemicals, margarine and wheat flour to dilute it and fake a higher protein content.

(Edited by V. Graham)