Stop politicking and serve residents, Lonyangapuo tells leaders

West Pokot governor says elected leaders must stick to the mandate given by voters to improve services

In Summary

'There is nobody who is permanent on the various seats that we were elected to serve on by our voters'


West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo has asked local leaders to stop politicking and instead focus on service delivery to residents who elected them.

Lonyangapuo reminded the leaders they were elected for a season and so they ought to deliver on their mandate.

“There is nobody who is permanent on the various seats that we were elected to serve on by our voters. Let's focus on ensuring that residents get the best services, Lonyangapuo said.

The governor said no elected leader was working for him and cautioned about petty politics that won’t unite residents. He said some leaders were working to divide the community.

“Politics are there for a season and we cannot feed on it. I was shocked that leaders are against unity of our people. Let’s put our political difference aside and serve our people," Lonyangapuo said. 

He was speaking on Saturday at Makutano town. He said he plans to buy a helicopter to airlifting patients from hilly areas where ambulances cannot reach.

“I want to ensure that everybody in this county gets quality health services. That’s why I have equipped out county referral hospital,” he said.

The governor made the remarks after he was awarded a trophy by saving mother organisation for improved health services. He said he received many donations during his visit to New York to collect the award.

“We have received a consignment of various equipment that will help improve services at the county hospital,” Lonyangapuo said.


edited by peter obuya