State suspends work on Sh36m Meguara Dam

Narok County Commissioner Natembeya says the project fails to meet standards

In Summary

• County Commissioner George Natembeya cited poor workmanship.

• Residents have raised concern over the sluggishness by the contractor. 

Narok County Commissioner George Natembeya and KWS Narok enior warden Dickson Ritan.
Narok County Commissioner George Natembeya and KWS Narok enior warden Dickson Ritan.
Image: FILE

The government has suspended the construction of Meguara Water Dam in Trans Mara West in Narok citing poor standards.

Narok County Commissioner George Natembeya on Friday said the Sh36 million project fails to meet the recommended structural standards. 

"We are sending in a qualified structural engineer to assess if this project has  structural integrity and also if it has value for money that the government has spent so far," Natembeya said.

The commissioner, who was on an inspection tour of government projects in Trans Mara West and East subcounties said the honeymoon for cowboy contractors is over. He said no joker will be hired to do any government work from now henceforth.

"We are not going to waste public money and time inspecting is not going to be a joke ...the game has changed now. It is either you do your work properly or you stop seeking government tenders altogether," Natembeya warned. 

He said a casual glance at the dam shows dishonesty and imprudent expenditure of public resources.

For years, Miguara residents have raised concern over the sluggishness by the contractor doing the project saying they have waited for the project's fruits in vain.

They said what they had thought was a project to end their water woes was becoming a curse.

George ole Ngeywa  who donated eight acres for the water project said a child slipped and drowned in the dam sparking a debate over its structural safety. 

He also poked holes in the manner it is constructed terming it another Solai tragedy in the waiting.

"This is a death trap ..unless we see water soon, we as residents  may seek the demolition of whatever that has already been done so that we go back to our old ways and know no such project was planned here," Ngeywa said.

Community Project chairman Dominic Olonana asked the government to closely monitor the  project to ensure its completed on time.