Governor Nyong'o denies frustrating his deputy

Former Kisumu Roads executive Vincent Kodera questions why the government has failed to pay rent for Owili’s residence

In Summary

• Nyong'o through his press unit director Aloice Ager denied the allegations terming them baseless and unfounded.

• Kodera accused Nyong’o of frustrating his deputy, questioning why the county government has failed to pay rent on Owili’s residence.

Kisumu deputy governor Mathews Owili and his boss Anyang Nyong'o
CORDIAL: Kisumu deputy governor Mathews Owili and his boss Anyang Nyong'o

Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o has termed as 'baseless and unfounded' claims that he was frustrating his deputy Mathews Owili.

Through his press director Aloice Ager, Governor Nyong'o said he enjoys a cordial working relationship with his deputy and they are focused on effective service delivery.

Former Kisumu Roads executive Vincent Kodera on Monday accused Nyong’o of frustrating his deputy, questioning why the government had failed to pay rent for Owili’s residence.

But Ager blamed delays in the rent payments on a lack of a functional budget following the Division of Revenue Bill standoff and the county budget stalemate, which have now been resolved. 

"The county could not make any payments during this standoff as there was no money. Even the salaries of workers, the governor and his deputy had not been paid," Ager said.

Yesterday, he told the Star that the DG's only owes Vauxhall Holdings Limited Sh273,884.10, being two months' rent arrears.

Ager also admitted that the county government owes the landlord Sh3.2million in pending bills carried over from Governor Jack Ranguma’s administration.

The DG's house tenancy agreement has been terminated by the landlord over nonpayment of Sh3.5 million accumulated rent arrears.

United Millers through Vauxhall Holdings Limited terminated the tenancy agreement on September 30.

Owili stays in a three-bedroom flat at United Oasis within Milimani Estate. 

Governor Nyong’o also lives in the apartments as they have no official residences.

Owili’s allies have in the past claimed that he is being undermined.

Kodera said the people of Nyakach will not play second fiddle to other regions and will field a candidate for governor in 2022.

Why do you have to frustrate a selfless and dedicated leader who has given himself to help you realise your development agenda?” he asked.

He said that Nyong’o was not in charge of his government and has allowed brokers to run the county at the expense of service delivery.

Kodera also faulted Nyong’o for running down the county in terms of development and service delivery.

The health sector is not working properly. Only TB and HIV services are being offered as workers have not been paid due to poor management and incompetence,” Kodera said.

The residents, he said, were yet to benefit from any development projects under Nyong’o’s administration.

“We are not feeling or seeing any tangible developments or services,” Kodera added.

He told Nyong’o to stop taking credit for donor-funded projects and show residents those he has implemented with billions received from the national government.

Most of the projects the county government is taking credit for are under Sh4.5 billion Kisumu Urban Projects - French Government grant and rehabilitation of the Sh3 billion Kisumu Port, he said. 

Kodera said the KUP was an initiative of ODM leader Raila Odinga and former Kisumu mayor Sam Okelo through the support of the national government.

Nyong’o has in the past defended his development track record. The county has relocated the Kachok dumpsite at a cost Sh300 million.

Ager said the county was on the right track as various roads and health facilities projects have been initiated by the governor.

Further, Kodera accused the Finance and Planning docket of corruption and called for urgent investigations by EACC and DCI.  Ager dismissed the corruption allegations.

We need action taken to ensure effective service delivery. If something is not done then people will rise up to force things to happen,”Kodera said.