Sexual offences rise during school holidays in Migori

A supermarket supervisor has denied sexually assaulting an 11 year old girl.
A supermarket supervisor has denied sexually assaulting an 11 year old girl.

The prolonged school holiday have raised concerned over high cases of sexual offences against school going children in Migori county.

Public administrators and civic organisations have raised concern of high cases of teen pregnancies and marriage before schools re-open next month.

On Tuesday, the Rongo Resident Magistrate court sentenced a 26 year old woman to ten yers on jail for sexually assaulting a seven years old boy.

The incident happened at Mbwa Kali Estate within Rongo town with Terry Ann Usenge, the suspect accused of committing the crime on September 13, 2018.

Magistrate judge Charles Kamau said the court found him guilty contrary to section 8(1)(2) of sexual offences act.

The court heard that on the material day, the victim had accompanied his mother who sells second hand clothes to the market when he was summoned into the accused’s stall where the public caught them.

The judge cautioned residents of engaging into such acts saying it would be a lesson to the rest of the people coming from the where such heinous acts have been on the increase.

The accused person has however been given 14 day to appeal the judgment.

Charles Ouma, the Oruba sub-location chief on Friday said that within two days four parents have reported cases of their daughter escaping from home with boda boda riders to be married off.

“We have cases of young girls taking this long period in school holiday to be married off, sadly most cases are not being reported,” Ouma said.

Peter Gwengi, the director of Lavin (Lake Victoria Initiatives) which works with teenagers on health in Migori lamented poor parenting in the long holiday.

Gwengi said parents have been banking on schools to help them ‘parent’ their children on teachers which has seen the rise of vice.