Northeastern governors to sue TSC over teacher transfers

Want decision reversed, say it was unprocedural and in bad faith

In Summary

Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi said they will move to court on Tuesday and demand that TSC be stripped off powers to appoint and transfer teachers

Governor Mohamed Abdi during a meeting with education stakeholders in Wajir on Saturday, February 8, 2020
TEACHERS CRISIS: Governor Mohamed Abdi during a meeting with education stakeholders in Wajir on Saturday, February 8, 2020



Northeastern governors will on Tuesday sue the TSC for transferring all non-local teachers from the region.

Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi on Saturday said they will also petition the Intergovernmental Relations Committee to withdraw TSC powers to appoint and transfer teachers and delegate the duty to the county governments.

The Teachers Service Commission has transferred more than 3,000 non-local teachers from Wajir, Mandera and Garissa counties following terror attacks targeting the tutors.

The latest of the attacks happened on January 13 when militants attacked Kamuthe Resource Centre and killed three male teachers.

Survivors of the attack said they would not return to their workstations and asked TSC to transfer them, a request that has since been honoured.

Addressing stakeholders at a local hotel in Wajir, Abdi said criticised TSC, saying the decision was unprocedural.

He said TSC had acted in negligence of duty and infringed on the constitutional rights of thousands of pupils in Northeastern Kenya.

"TSC leadership has an ill motive to put us into a crisis. We all know that hundreds of non-locals were still teaching in private schools in Garissa and there are a sizeable group of non-locals in other government departments peacefully serving contrary to the image portrayed by TSC," Abdi said.

The governor is a teacher by profession.

Speaking separately in Garissa, Governor Ali Korane urged the national government to take stern disciplinary action against TSC officials who ‘forcefully’ transferred the non-local teachers from the region.

“You cannot overnight decide to transfer more than half the teachers from the region without a plan to replace them. Already the region was suffering due to the teachers’ shortage. TSC is making an already bad situation even worse,” Korane said.

Korane urged locals to volunteer to teach and enroll in teaching courses, saying the county government will sponsor those who offer to be trained.

He said the county was now gathering data regarding the teacher shortage before making an informed decision.

Speaking to the Star on phone, Eldas MP Aden Keynan called for the implementation of the affirmative action that was agreed on in 2016 that lowered the entry grade of students from the region joining teachers’ colleges to D+.

“TSC moved to court contesting against the training of P1 teachers with D+ and C- on grounds that such low grades will compromise the standards of education. Now look at what is happening,” Keynan said.


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