Don't wait for white collar jobs, be innovative, youth told

In Summary

• MP Sophia says vocational training centres are meant to equip the youth with skills as one way of addressing the unemployment problem

• She says unemployment and access to education is a major challenge to the youth in Northern Kenya



Ijara MP Sophia Abdinoor with youth in Masalani town on Saturday
YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: Ijara MP Sophia Abdinoor with youth in Masalani town on Saturday

The youth need to be innovative to address the problem of unemployment, an MP has said.

Ijara MP Sophia Abdinoor said vocational training centres are meant to address the issue of unemployment since youth acquire different skills that will help them in life.

Sophia urged the youth tostop thinking that the only way to succeed in life was by getting a white collar job.

The lawmaker spoke in Masalani town on Saturday when she presided over the enrolment of youth from her constituency into technical colleges to learn market-oriented skills.

“Unemployment and access to education remains a major challenge to our youth. The situation is worse in Northern Kenya since less than half of our children go to primary school and the transition rate to secondary and tertiary education is minimal. We all need to work towards a functioning and sustainable system for them,” she said.

Last month, Garissa Governor Ali Korane said his administration is working towards a sustainable solution for the group.

He said his administration has allocated Sh100 million to the Garissa Vocational Training Centre to empower youth. Korane said the centre will be elevated to a modern innovation hub.

“Today every home in this county has five young people who have an education and who cannot access employment or livelihood. This is reality,” Korane said.


He said lack of institutional infrastructure to manage resources is the main reason why it had taken time to be used.