City retirees yet to be paid Sh7.9 million

Some were paid following a 2014 ruling, but 32 were left out

In Summary

•Nairobi City Council Retirees Welfare Association first sued in 2009

•City Hall has been silent despite many letters from the retirees' lawyer

Lawyer Caleb Jaoko
Lawyer Caleb Jaoko

The Nairobi county government owes retired workers Sh7.9 million.

The 32 retirees have not been paid since 2017, according to lawyer Caleb Jaoko.

Jaoko, who appeared before the Public Accounts Committee on Wednesday, said even after writing to the county’s director of legal affairs Violet Onyangi, no payment has been done.

“There might be a possibility someone somewhere spent the money meant for my clients,” Jaoko said.

The committee, chaired by Wilfred Odalo, sought to know how the Sh7 million came about.

The lawyer explained that back in 2009 he represented the Nairobi City Council Retirees Welfare Association against the Nairobi City Council.

Justice Maureen Onyango on March 5, 2014, directed City Hall to pay Sh21 million.

“This money was payable to retirees. A genuine claim. There was no appeal filed against this case,” Jaoko said. After 2014 judgment, payments were made in installments.

However, in 2017 that matter was taken over by lawyer Tom Ojienda and Jaoko said he filed an application before the court for contempt against county officers, county secretary and the head of treasury.

The court found the Nairobi City Council in contempt and the Sh21 million was paid in full as per the judgment.

Jaoko said he filed a new case after some retirees through the Nairobi City Council Retiree Welfare Association said they had not been paid but their colleagues were.

“I did a demand letter on October 5, 2017 to the director of legal affairs seeking payment for the 32 retirees whose total claim was Sh7,974,000,” he said.

In the response, Onyangi admitted the claims were genuine and the county would make the payment.

However, the county said it could only pay Sh652, 061.

Jaoko told the committee he made several demands for payment but the county remained silent.

The retirees resorted to camping outside City Hall to demand their money.

He called upon the committee to take up the matter.