Newly created Shimba Hills subcounty gets administrator

Deputy County Commissioner Kawiri was handed over the new office on Monday

In Summary
  • It was hived off from the Matuga sub-county which two of its divisions, Kubo and Mkongani were merged to form the new administrative unit.
  • The DCC Moses Kawiri was handed over the new office by Oyagi on Monday evening.
New Shimba Hills Deputy County Commissioner Moses Kawiri addresses the public in Kwale county on Monday, August 1, 2022.
New Shimba Hills Deputy County Commissioner Moses Kawiri addresses the public in Kwale county on Monday, August 1, 2022.

A deputy county commissioner has been posted to the newly created Shimba Hills subcounty, Kwale county.

The area was gazetted on May 31, recognising it as an administrative unit.

It has a population of over 80,000 people, according to Kwale county commissioner Gideon Oyagi.

It was hived off from the Matuga subcounty, with Kubo and Mkongani divisions being merged to form the new administrative unit.

This is after the recognition of Samburu as a subcounty, after being hived off from Kinango subcounty.

DCC Moses Kawiri was handed over the new office by Oyagi on Monday.

Oyagi said the additional administrative units come as part of the government's efforts to bring services closer to citizens.

"Today marks the end of the many years of residents’ grievances by having administrative services brought to your doorstep," he said.

The residents used to trek long distances for the crucial services, which was tiresome and time-consuming.

Kilifi and Tana River counties also received new administrative units namely Chonyi and Kauma, Bangale and Galledyetu subcounties respectively.

The county commissioner said President Uhuru Kenyatta is keen on improving the delivery of services to the residents, equality, and development hence the extension of administrative services to the grassroots.

Oyagi urged Shimba Hills residents to give maximum cooperation to the new administrator for the effective delivery of enhanced government services.

He said the new offices are set to fight all sorts of crime to improve security for peaceful coexistence.

"Maximum security will be in this place because the DCC has his own security committee, whom they will work together to ensure smooth government operations and safety of its citizens." 

Subcounty police commander Francis Mureithi has already been posted, while other heads of government offices are still reporting.

Mureithi is a former deputy OCPD at Ganze in Kilifi county.

Oyagi warned that anyone who is planning to interfere with peace will be dealt with accordingly.

He told residents to take advantage of the new administrative units to improve their lives, adding that the government is planning to have roads in the subcounty tarmacked to facilitate transport and business.

It would be the first time for Shimba Hills residents to have tarmacked roads. 

The current roads are in a sorry state and have for years remained unrepaired, a factor that has contributed to poverty and stagnation of the area's development.

Oyagi said the Kenya National Highway Authority has already issued the tender and will start by maintaining and later upgrading the road.

"KeNHA has taken this road and the good news is that the engineer assured they will have it repaired first and then develop it further afterward," he said. 

He urged residents to work around the clock to establish businesses and housing to cater for the growing population.

Kawiri asked the residents to create a conducive working environment and enhance close cooperation.

He underscored the need for residents to maintain vigilance and report any criminal activities for safety and prosperity.

"You should be very cautious because development comes with great challenges, insecurity being one of them." 

The administrator called on the political leaders to be the source of unity and not division.

Kawiri vowed to stabilise Shimba Hills' socio-economic growth by ensuring peace, and improving education and administrative services to the people.

Mureithi said police will provide necessary assistance in providing security.

He, however, urged residents to embrace the Nyumba Kumi initiative to curb crime.



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