We'll have your head, drug lords tell Lamu MP

But Obbo says she is unmoved by threats and is ready to die to save the youth

In Summary

• Woman Rep is in forefront fighting drugs she says have enslaved a generation.

• She has received night calls asking if she loved her life or wants to die.

'We will have your head if you don’t leave us alone'. That is the message Lamu Women Rep Ruweida Obbo has received from drug dealers who are angry she is disrupting their business.

Obbo says she has received threatening phone calls and text messages asking her to desist from her war on drugs or she will be killed.

Speaking in her officer on Thursday, Obbo said the situation is so bad the threats have now moved to social media platforms like Facebook.

But Obbo said she is unmoved by the threats and she is ready to die to save the youth of Lamu.

She said the threats are from drug kingpins in Lamu who feel her efforts to curb the trade are ruining their business.

One of the messages reads, “If you don’t stop what you are doing, they will never find your head."

Obbo says the threatening calls come from different phone numbers each time.

“I have been called in the middle of the night and asked is I loved my life or I would like to die. Then he told me if I want to live, I should stop following up on the drugs issue. Another one called me and blankly told me that I will not like what they will do to me if they catch me,” Obbo said.

Another message in the Woman Rep’s phone inbox reads, “You think you can win this. You will lose and you will not just lose, you will lose your life. You know you can never win. Better leave this matter alone mheshimiwa."

A Facebook post reads, “They will only bury your torso since we will have dumped your head somewhere in Shanga bushes where they will never locate it."


Most of the posts, she says, have since been pulled down but not before they made sure she got the message.

Early this year, Obbo proposed the death penalty for convicted drug dealers.

In April, a Kenya Red Cross volunteer Amina Bakari,30, was hacked to death by unknown assailants as she closed her shop in Mbwajumwali village due to her tough stance on drugs.