Sh3m equipment donated for Lamu vocational training

The Aga Khan Hospital Mombasa. /FILE
The Aga Khan Hospital Mombasa. /FILE

The Aga Khan Foundation and the European Union have donated Sh3 million computers, furniture, games kits and learning materials to the Lamu Vocational Training Institute.

The institute also received 15 printers, printer paper, sewing machines, football kit, among other items.

They are meant to make learning appealing to students.

The institute plans to enrol 1,500 students in January.

Aga Khan Foundation project manager Ali Mwachausa said building institutional capacity is crucial to empowering young people.

He said proper training increases economic opportunities.

AKF works with the counties, groups and private sector organisations to equip the youth with skills that help them become useful members of society.