Othaya gets Sh60 million for sewer project

Sewers to solve problem waterborne diseases, of pit latrines caving in and killing people

In Summary

• People have died after pit latrines caved in; new ones will be reinforced and emptied. 

• Project Entire project will cost Sh300 million, to reduce the need to dig pit latrines in schools. 

Othaya MP Gichuki Mugambi.

Othaya constituency has received S60 million to extend its sewerage system.

MP Gichuki Mugambi said in Othaya on Tuesday the tender was awarded on Friday last week and the contractor is expected on site at any time.

The entire Sh300 million project is funded by the  African Development Bank, which already spent Sh250 million. 


Mugambi said the sewer will also end the problem of having to dig pit latrines in schools.

Last Wednesday three workers were killed when a pit latrine they were digging caved in at Kiandu Secondary School in Tetu constituency. Others have collapsed before.

“You have seen the problem we are having in Central Kenya in particular, where our soils are soft because people have kept on digging pit latrines and now they are almost going back where they started,” the MP said.

The MP said the construction of all new latrines funded by the Othaya NG-CDF in primary schools has been redesigned and the kitty will cover the exhaustible ones.

“So we will never dig them again once we build the new ones. Afterwards, we will get an exhauster at some point and the refuse will be emptied in the sewer,” he said.

This, he said, will end deaths from weak pit latrines caving in. The exhaustible latrines are being walled with stones and therefore will last for a long time.

Othaya NG-CDF has been building 16 modern and exhaustible latrines in every school which will be permanent and will only need minor repairs.

(Edited by R.Wamochie)