Meet Don Matthias, a Kenyan flying marketing flag in Canada

He is the founder of Eminent Media Inc

In Summary
  • His huge list of clientele includes a number of Fortune 500 firms. 
  • He urged young people to take advantage of the digital revolution to create rather than wait for job opportunities.
Don Matthias , a Kenyan born marketer based in Toronto, Canada.
Don Matthias , a Kenyan born marketer based in Toronto, Canada.

When he left Kenya to join his family in Toronto Canada, Don Matthias 37, was not sure what to make of the new land.

Years later, he has worked with top Fortune 500 companies and now owns an expansive public relations marketing empire, has written several books and is a public speaker of international repute.

In an exclusive interview with the Star, Don says that no dream is too wild to chase, urging young people to take advantage of the digital revolution to create rather than wait for job opportunities.

After a decade of working with multinationals like Microsoft, BELL, and 7-Eleven, as well as Canadian organizations such as Canadian Tire, March of Dimes Canada, and Enercare, Don embarked on the journey to bake something for himself.

In 2016, he founded Eminent Media Inc., a digital marketing agency that specialises in influencer marketing, social media management, and brand strategy.

In a span of less than a decade, the enterprising Kenyan has grown from junior communication to innovative visionary strategies that are bringing not only success to his clients' brands but also to his A-list while converting B-List customers to A-list.

He has since made significant contributions to the field as a marketing expert, through digital technology incorporation into customer engagement strategies and emphasizing the importance of authentic marketing approaches that transcend traditional channels of paid, earned, and owned media.

His EMI Influencers Inc. is widely respected for its data-driven approach to influencer marketing, where talents are carefully selected based on their ability to captivate audiences and deliver measurable results.

Having been featured in numerous industry publications and garnered multiple awards, the company's excellent work solidifies its position as one of the leading players in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

Notably, he served as a judge at the prestigious Canadian Marketing Association, where he played a crucial role in evaluating and assessing various brand-building initiatives.

His contribution to the communications field in the country has not gone unnoticed. He has scooped several awards including an award from the Minister of Youth in Canada, Ahmed Hussen.

His other accolades include Top 40 Under 40 in Marketing and Communications, Canada in 2020, Innovator of the Year in 2019 by the Canadian Marketing Association, Best Influencer Marketing Campaign, North American Digital Marketing Awards 2018 and Best Supporting NGO Media Agency 2021.

He is an avid author, with a number of titles touching on marketing and communications to his name. Some of his books include The CEO's Branding Edge: Elevate Your Leadership Brand to Drive Business Success, Mastering Marketing Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Winning Marketing Plan, Redefining Social Media Marketing with Chat GPT: A Cutting-Edge Approach and Digital Marketing: The Future of Advertising.

Don graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Calgary, where he specialized in Communication and Media Studies. He also holds B.sc in the same line of studies from Kenya Methodist University, as well as the Marketing Association of Canada.

He is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing at the University of Toronto.

Don is married to Latifat Mumassabba with their Son Michael Mumassabba, a Canadian Alpha influencer.

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